Since 1924




Shortly after European settlers began arriving in western North Dakota, Charles Weigel and Ferdinand Leutz established Hebron Fire & Pressed Brick Company in 1904. Demand for building supplies was flourishing, and by 1905 Hebron Brick hit full production, competing with 18 similar brick businesses.

Today, Hebron Brick Company is the only manufacturer of brick in North Dakota and one of the most successful brick companies in the Upper Midwest. Our ancient veins of extraordinary clay continue to yield a distinctive variety of colors and have enabled Hebron Brick Company to offer a wealth of options in fine brick.

Consistent, durable and elegant in their simplicity, Hebron bricks are fired to ultimate perfection in our state-of-the-art facilities...resulting in a tribute to design aesthetics that leave a lasting impression. Thousands of distinctive buildings all across the United States and Canadahave benefited from the humble origins of our company.

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